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Patient Spotlight - Cathy

For Cathy, every day is filled with exciting challenges and activities to stake her claim as a warrior against sarcoma! Sampson's Radha Bakshi, CPO, LPO, recently fit Cathy with a custom partial foot silicone restoration prosthesis. When she was diagnosed with sarcoma and had a resulting right partial foot amputation, Cathy decided to meet her challenges head-on. She is a high school teacher and is on her feet most of the day. Since we started working with her on her two different styles of partial foot prostheses, Cathy has returned to standing comfortably for the full day while teaching. She has also been able to return to an active lifestyle, including hiking, yoga, and horseback riding, with support and comfort. Cathy is truly an inspiration, and we are proud to be a part of her prosthetic care. Keep on climbing, Cathy!


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