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Prosthetic Arm

Patient Satisfaction Survey

Patient satisfaction is one of the most common quality indicators in the healthcare industry. Patients are impacted by every aspect, from clinical outcomes to retention, finances, and publicity. Patients' reviews are so crucial to the ongoing support of Sampson's. Patients have multiple format options to return the surveys to help response rate; they are distributed by email, print, and internet surveys. Thus, patient satisfaction indicates Sampson's success, making it valuable for evaluating our work effectiveness.

Section Title

Patient Satisfaction Dials, Shows Practice Promotor Score listing Sampsons Patient satisfaction at 99 percent.
Patient Satisfaction Score listing Sampson's Overall Patient Satisfaction at 97.91%
Rogue 2 Prosthetic Foot to showcase advanced prosthetic technology
Sampson's amputee and prosthetic patient riding a motorcycle
Man with Amputee Girlfriend on Beach




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