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Runner with Amputated Leg

Prosthetics & Orthotics

When you choose a Prosthetic and or Orthotic healthcare professional, you want someone:

  • who is Board Certified;

  • skilled in the latest techniques;

  • works for an ABC (Association of Board for Certification) accredited facility;

  • and cares about you as an individual.

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality and personalized prosthetic and orthotic care. Your continued health and recovery are our top priorities.

Practitioner and Resident fitting a prosthetic patient in an exam room

Initial Examination

During your initial examination, one of our practitioners will evaluate your status and recommend a custom prosthesis or orthosis that meets your individual needs.

You may be asked about the following:

  • your general health;

  • your occupation and lifestyle;

  • and your overall motivation, goals, and expectations.

Circle of Care at Sampson's represented in logo. Red, Dark Gray and Gray

The Circle of Care at Sampson's

Your experience with your Sampson’s Team will include evaluations, technical appointments, fittings, and adjustments. A typical appointment progression for an amputee at Sampson’s is as follows:

  1. Initial Evaluation

  2. Casting/Scanning

  3. Diagnostic Fitting(s)

  4. Delivery of initial Prosthesis

  5. Initial Follow-up

  6. Follow-ups and adjustments as needed for all of your prosthetic needs

You may interact with Sampson’s Technicians, Practitioners, and Administration team. Please know that we are here to guide you every step of the way, from healing to delivery and beyond. Providing Amputees with high-quality Patient Care with compassion and collaboration is The Sampson’s Difference.

The Circle of Care at Sampson’s also includes appointments with your medical teams, such as a Surgeon, a Physiatrist (A Doctor specializing in physical medicine and rehab), a Physical Therapist, and a Rehabilitation Team.


We participate with these insurance carriers:

  • AARP

  • Aetna

  • Anthem BCBS

  • Empire BCBS

  • BS of NENY


  • Veterans Administration (VA)

  • Cigna

  • Excellus BCBS

  • Fidelis Care of NY

  • Humana

  • Medicaid

  • Medicare

  • MediGold

  • Multi-Plan

  • MVP

  • Tricare/Tricare for Life

  • United Healthcare

  • Wellcare

  • Worker’s Compensation

Insurance carriers pay for many of our services. Our administrative staff will be happy to answer any questions about our participation with your insurance provider. You must bring your insurance cards, identification, and prescriptions(s) during your visit. Please remember that you are personally responsible for any co-payment, balance, or fee for an uninsured visit or service not paid by your insurance company.

Sampson's will make every effort to help you attain the financial reimbursement to which you are entitled.

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