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Typing with Prosthetic Hand

Advanced Technology

Sampson's Prosthetic & Orthotic Laboratory strives to maintain the quality of every prosthetic or orthotic device we produce while also providing our patients with outstanding customer care. In order for us to create top-tier devices for our patients, we make sure that those who craft them are qualified and experienced - we take pride in being early adopters of new technology. What sets us apart from many others is a team approach. We work with the patient's healthcare team so that everyone involved can help the patient maximize their comfort and independence.

Through personalized service combined with state-of-the-art technology, we work to find solutions tailored just for our patients. Experience The Sampson's Difference. Schedule your appointment today.

Microprocessor & Mechanical Knees

Prosthetic Feet

Prosthetic Socket

Upper Limb Prosthetics

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