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A Campaign to change the One Prosthetic Limb per Lifetime rule in New York State

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"One Prosthetic Limb Per Lifetime" restrictions in New York State prevent amputees from receiving the prosthetic they need to continue living productively.

Thousands of amputees in New York State are finding out that they cannot be fitted with the prosthetic limbs they need to lead healthy, fulfilling lives due to insurance restrictions on prosthetic care. New York State's benchmark health insurance plan under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) limits coverage for prosthetic limbs to "one prosthesis per limb per lifetime." This "One Limb for Life" rule is not "equal to the typical employer plan" in New York State, which is the standard for coverage under the ACA, making this limitation a violation of the federal law. This policy is one of the country's most restrictive prosthetic limb policies.


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