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The result of collaboration between the U.S. military and Ottobock, the X3 is the world's most technologically advanced microprocessor prosthetic leg and is now available from Sampson's. In addition to unprecedented levels of function, the X3 is the first waterproof microprocessor knee.

Completely submersible, the X3 is perfect for anyone working in or near water or for activities such as showering, car washing, or boating, all without having to worry about it damaging the componentry.

The X3 offers amputees more physical capabilities for the real world than any other prosthetic leg including running, walking backwards, crossing obstacles in a more anatomically correct way, and climbing stairs step-over-step without massive compensating movement – an action that previously appeared impossible for those with above-knee limb loss.

Technology provides more natural gait

With an accelerometer and a gyroscope that intuitively knows where your leg is in space, the most natural gait possible is achieved. These are the same technologies used in Wii™ gaming systems and smartphones. That means less worry of a stumble or fall and less concentration needed when you're on the move.

The X3 also is capable of switching into a larger swing angle for running and other sports. Plus, the innovative Walk2Run mode detects start-and-stop running (such as crossing a street or trying to catch a bus) and automatically increases your swing angle.

Programmed using a laptop and Bluetooth® technology, five activity modes can be set for biking, golfing, driving, etc. and are activated using a key fob-sized remote. A mute mode is also available that silences all vibration and beep signals of the leg when needed for activities such as meetings, church services, hunting and more.

For more information on the X3, contact your Sampson's prosthetist.

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