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NY State of Health

Important changes are coming. New federal rules will require New York State to begin redetermining eligibility for public program enrollees in the Spring of 2023.

All enrollees should update their address and contact information with NY State of Health (or their Local Department of Social Services or the New York City Human Resources Administration, if they enrolled through those offices) to ensure their renewal information will reach them.

Ensure Medicaid, CHPlus and EP enrollees take the necessary steps to renew coverage and transition to other coverage if they are no longer eligible for Medicaid, CHPlus or EP.

Text Alerts for New Yorkers Enrolled through NY State of Health

New Yorkers can sign up for NY State of Health text alerts of updates and enrollment reminders by texting START to 1-866-988-0327. To receive these text alerts in Spanish, New Yorkers can sign up by texting INICIAR to 1-866-988-0327.

  • Share this page of our website that includes information consumers need to know about text alerts from NY State of Health. (The page includes information in English and additional languages.)

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