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Meet George

George is a long-time patient of Sampson's, 27 years in fact. He became a transtibial amputee following a motorcycle accident while working in Wisconsin. Although he was fitted with a prosthesis there, he preferred using crutches. "I was 25 years old and there were more important things to do than figure out how to get a leg on," he said.

George eventually did get to wearing a prosthesis, the old-school strap and harness variety."When I finally got to Sampson's in 1997, Bill confiscated my prosthesis because it was causing damage to my stump and not a good fit any longer. Bill fitted me with my first vacuum socket system:"

George is a very active amputee, working in RV service. "I'm behind the counter, but between checking RVs in, walking to the back of the shop or the back of the lot, I'm on my feet most of the day, walking between three and five miles and that doesn't count around the house stuff:"

George walks so well that customers don't realize he is an am put ee. "People talk about appearances and it's always not about appearances, it 's about attitude and how you handle things. That is where I'm at:"


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